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Coal Hill                                                                                                                                   20th December 2014


A track sign to Coal Hill leads off the Rangitata Gorge Road. No car park, so we pulled off onto the road verge and headed off uphill. And it was literally uphill all the way for 900 metres following a deer fence.  A strong westerly wind resulted in many of us hugging the fence for support, and when rain squalls occurred it was on with waterproofs, and in Wayne’s case it was on with a cape. There was some amazement that he didn’t get airborne. Three hours of these struggles and a notice to say that private property ensued, encouraged us to sit down and have lunch. The views from here were interesting, many familiar sights but from a different angle. To the south Mount Peel’s north face and the Orari headwaters. Northwards, it was the Rangitata Gorge and the Ashburton Lakes.

After lunch, it was all in reverse, a very steep descent made slightly easier for those with walking poles, and stiff leg muscles for days to come for many of us. Thanks to Catherine for organising this trip.

Those present, Catherine,Colin, Judy,Chris,Dorothy,Wayne,Barry and Robert.