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MTB Geraldine Bike Track Orari River   30th November

Mountain bike track 27kms.

Christine, Barry, Reno, David, Judy, Colin and Robert set off at 8.30am. Bikes were transported 4 in van and 3 on Colin’s bike rack. We started the ride at the Vance Road car park which is close to the Orari Racecourse. The track followed the south bank of the river along stop bank and then some fun single track through the trees and scrub, taking frequent stops to chat and let the rear catch up with the front riders through to the bridge on SH78. Here we stopped for a drink and snack and after discussion we decided to continue to follow the track on the other side of the bridge. This part of the track is not sign posted or marked but after clearing some branches from a fallen willow across the track near the start of this section, the track mostly was quite clear and easily ridable. The top end of the track ended at Burdon Road which took us out onto the river bed where we then had some fun with an easy river crossing. We all attempted to ride through, some succeeding and some with wet feet. Once across we turned, riding back through the river and returning by the same track to the bridge. This time those that had dry feet ended up with wet feet too. This was to be the only piece of river we were to sight. It seemed the river disappeared underground somewhere in between this point and the bridge at SH78. We now headed back the way we came to the bridge on SH78 then following the track across the river bed below the bridge (no water) to the north side of the river we found a nice spot and stopped for lunch. The track headed back down the north side heading eastward, with a short section of track washed out in a recent flood then continuing on to Bennett Road where the track took us back out onto the river bed (no water) and returning by the single track and stop bank to the car park.                                                                 Distance covered was 27kms. It was a pleasant day and sheltered from the wind, which wasn’t too unpleasant anyway. This was a fun easy ride and recommended best ride by mountain bike.