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Mt Sommers     2-3 November 2013

Nothing extraordinary about this much often repeated trip other than Christine hadn’t done it before. From the Staveley car-park we climbed the steep track up to Duke’s Knob negotiating many fallen trees en route. From here its downhill to the stream, and thanks to the relatively new bridge its dry feet all the way to Pinnacles hut, which we reached just after lunch. Having grabbed bunk-space, we headed up through the scrub at the back of the hut up to the prominent basalt columns after which the hut is named, and enjoyed a nice sunny afternoon. Back to the hut which was quickly filling up with trampers, to be expected on this very popular route.

The next morning we were greeted with quite thick cloud, but we headed up to the Woolshed Creek saddle, and from here it was a straightforward climb up to the long Mt Somers ridge which leads up to the summit and bright sunshine for us. All below was covered in thick cotton wool cloud, and on the descent one couldn’t see from marker pole to pole. Quite a few people making their way up, and further on down, Dorothy was doing her best to dissuade those who hadn’t much chance of doing the summit and returning before nightfall. Along to Hookey’s Knob and down through and around many fallen trees and back to the car-park.

Those on the trip, Christine, Dorothy and Robert

IMG_0587.JPG Mt Sommers 2.jpg Mt Sommers 3.jpg unnamed (2).jpg