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Woolshed Creek 13 April
We arrived at Woolshed Creek car park where there was light drizzle but still mild. A mountain bike event in the area had been postponed due to the weather and ground conditions. 6 of us set out, initially along the nature walk where the bush and plants looked stunning and fresh due to the light moisture on them. The colours were lovely and we saw lots of spotted red toadstools and a variety of coloured berries in the bush. We returned back along the nature walk and then commenced walking along the track to Woolshed creek hut. Two members of our party hadn’t been on this track before and even for those that had it varies each time you visit. After a brief rest stop at the Blackburn coal mine and taking some time to look at the old mining relics we continued along the side winder track to the hut. The surrounding rock formations looked grand. The mist had started to lift and we were getting some nice views of surrounding country and down into the gorge and various waterfalls. We enjoyed a lunch stop at the Woolshed creek Hut with no one else about.  It was good to find the hut had been left clean tidy by the trampers who had spent the previous night at the hut. After lunch we continued on our way up to the "bus stop". We crossed the relatively new swing bridge across the gorge. This swing bridge displays a plaque in memorial to a member from the Methven Tramping Club. We noted a section where the beech trees still had a lot of wasps on them so care was needed not to put your hands on the trees while walking. The smell in the bush was quite noticeable today. As we continued up the mist had lifted and we had good views looking back down to the hut and across the hills and out to the plains. By the time we were at the “bus stop” the mist had rolled in again. After a brief stop we continued down the track which was quite wet muddy and slushy. DOC must have plans to upgrade the track here as there were 6 fadges with supplies for a new board walk. I must say it is badly needed in places over this section of the track as many plants are getting damaged where people are walking off the track to avoid the puddles and boggy areas. It was quite a steep descent and care was needed as it was slippery. I was surprised we only saw 1 other person on the track for the whole day but judging by the hut book the track is very popular. We arrived back at the car 6 hours later. A day enjoyed by all with enthusiasm and ideas for future trips. Thanks to Barry for organising the trip. Others who enjoyed the day were Dave, Rob, Paul, Barry, Christine and myself Catherine.