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September Trips

Inland Pack Track Paparoa National Park                                                                    16,17,18 September                                    

Grade:  Easy to Medium

An overnight tramp on the west coast just north of Punakaiki. We will travel over on the Friday, stay at a camping ground. Saturday morn set off on the track and camp at the Ballroom overhang, so tents are needed. The track is 25km.  Sunday is a short walk out, then the drive home.

Leader:  Louise Wynn                        Phone: 03 685 8272

Oteake Conservation Area                     24, 25, 26th September

Grade: Med- Fit
Otematapaio Hut 20km Map CA15
Starting from near sailors cutting we will start walking up Otematapaio river bed for the first 8 km then along a marked track to the newish hut. It is a steady gradual uphill walk to the hut and will take about 6-7 hours of walking to get there. We will stay 2 nights here as it is the long weekend and the 2nd day we can do a day walk into the surrounding area behind the hut gaining good views of the surrounding country.

Contact: Catherine                                    Phone: 6866857

Mt Nimrod                                                 11th September

This is an easy day trip to Mt Nimrod Reserve.

Contact: Barry                                              Ph: 688 5320

October Trips

South Temple Hut                                    8th – 9th October    

Grade: Easy/moderate

This is a weekend walk into the South Temple hut.

Trip Leader: Barry                                  Phone: 6885320

Thar Lodge  Mt Cook                            28th - 30th October

Grade: Easy

Friday night leave Timaru. Travel to Thar Lodge. According to Mr Goggle, Mt Cook village is 185km away and takes 2hrs 10 min to get there??? Thar lodge sleeps 14, so hopefully I can get at least 10 keen trampers to accompany me on a nostalgic trip to my past. 10 people = $20 ahead/night, plus mileage, split food Saturday night (The Hermitage is dearer).

Friday night leave about 5.45/6pm. Have your tea before leaving town, graze on the way or a late tea at about 9pm. Your choice.

In theory you will wake to a glorious morning and to Mt Cook and its majestic scenery just up the valley. This is where YOU decide what you want to do. I’m not your caregiver. I’m just arranging the accommodation and Saturday’ nights tucker. The only thing I ask is you do things in pairs, fill in an intention sheet I will have back at Thar lodge. There is Muller Hut, Sealy tarns, the Hooker Valley, Mt Wakefield which was in one of the latest Wildest Magazine articles. The worlds your oyster. Don’t know how far I can get up Wakefield, a good attempt is good enough for me. Or you can sit at the hut and just take in the majestic’s of the mountains that people travel half way around the world to see, weather permitting.

Sunday, could be a wander around the village, coffee, The DOC centre. We will have to clean up our accommodation after lunch, then head for home. Sound alright? Then come and join me and others for a weekend away at Mt Cook National Park.

Trip Leader:John                                     Phone: 688 8536

Arthurs Pass – Edwards to Hawdon       24th – 26th October

Grade :medium/fit

This classic three day trip normally done in the opposite direction. First night at Edwards Hut, then a steep climb to Tarn Col, down to Walker Pass and thence to the Hawdon Hut.

Leader: Robert                                      Phone: 684 6845

November Trips

Lindis Peak                                       5th November

Update on 5th November tramp.

We have to change the location for our tramp as the Lindis Peak is closed for lambing. So I have sorted a closer tramp.

Wether Range track, which is on the left-hand side of SH 8, just 15km past Omarama. We will use the easement that leads into Manuka Creek and climb up to the Wether range 1747m, approx. 1227m climb, and descend via another 4wd track back to our vehicles. This looks like about 25km approx. to do the loop. Will be a big day, but there is the option to turn back and not do the whole loop if it gets too tough!  Can we meet at the Kimbell Pub at
 7.45am to get a good start on the day.

Phone Louise 03 685 8272 if you have any questions.

Paradise Valley – Hopkins River        10th/11th December

Grade: medium

This is a very attractive secluded hanging valley just to the north of the Huxley River. Some steep climbing, but not too long. A camping trip.

Leader: Robert                                   Phone: 684 6845

 Flagpole Hill Whitecliffs                 Sunday 20th November   

Grade: Easy

Flagpole being 910 m above sea level is in the Malvern Hills area at Whitecliffs just where the Selwyn river flows from the hills.

There will be a early start as we will have about two hours travel.

For those of you that have read  Station Life in NZ by Lady Barker Flagpole was on their property.

Leader   David Mason    Ph  03 686 3550

December Trips

Three sections of the Te Araroa        17th – 25th November

Cass to Lake Coleridge 1 night/2 days

Rakaia to Lake Heron  2 nights/3 days

Mesopotamia to Roundhill 2 nights/3 days


There will be a lot of messing around with transport between sections on this trip. Expressions of interest as soon as possible would be appreciated.

Contact: Robert                             Phone: 684 6845

 Christmas Diner                            Monday 12th December

This is in place of our monthly club meeting. This year we will dine at the Grosvenor Hotel

Contact: David                                  Ph: 6863550

  Kayaking Day                             17th December  

An introduction to sea kayaking

what to bring. shorts, sandals,light windbreaker, sunhat, NO COTTON CLOTHING,sunscreen, lip screen, sunglasses, lunch, full drink bottle or 2, nibbles, towel, full change of clothes.

numbers will be limited by the number of sea kayaks I can beg or borrow.

Contact: Colin & Judy                     Ph: 686 0995