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Mt Hutt - Sunday 14th April 2013

I have spent many years looking at Mt Hutt without ever having been up there, so with David having access to the key of the road gate, this was not an opportunity to be missed.

Mt Titiroa and Green Lake

As one drives into Te Anau there is a prominent white mountain situated to the south. When not covered in snow, its bedrock is basically quartz. This has intrigued me for a long time, so I decided along with four others to have a closer look.

Carroll Hut  -  Saturday 20th  & Sunday 21st  April

The distance to travel meant that an early morning start was required if we were to enjoy a leisurely tramp into the Carroll Hut West of Otira over the weekend.

Bendigo 6 th – 7 th  July 2013

An early departure meant we were walking the Bendigo loop by 11 am. The drive down was interesting. Through the Lindus Valley the fence posts  beside the road were just visible  above the flooded river. The snow from 2 weeks earlier and Nor west rain made for wet soggy country.

Herbert Forest - 11th August 2013

On Sunday Morning 11th August an energetic group of trampers set off from Timaru at around 0730 hrs, to travel south to the Herbert Forest and Hoods Loop track.

Cycling in Scotland

I suppose that the modern way of recounting one's tales is to produce a blog, and continually add to it. I don't carry around lots of electronic gadgetry, so I have to rely on memory. Basically this is an account of my recent bike trip around the north and west and outer isles of Scotland.

Cass Lagoon 21st - 23rd September 2013

Four of us left Timaru Sat morning heading for Arthurs Pass.   As this trip involves a vehicle shuffle and as we only had one car Russell  kindly said he would bike from the Bealy Hut car park where we had left the car to the Cass end to start the tramp. (11 km).  We waited there till he arrived and hid the bike so we could collect it on our return home.  We started walking by 10.45am up the Cass River gravel bed.

Little Mt Peel

 8 members and 3 visitors walked up  little Peel. The day was mild and the strong winds predicted never arrived.

The track was in good condition and dry making a great day out.

Mt Sommers

Nothing extraordinary about this much often repeated trip other than Christine hadn’t done it before. From the Staveley car-park we climbed the steep track up to Duke’s Knob negotiating many fallen trees en route. From here its downhill to the stream, and thanks to the relatively new bridge its dry feet all the way to Pinnacles hut, which we reached just after lunch.

   Mt Studholme     24th November

eaving Timaru at 8am on a misty Sunday morning with promise of the cloud to break and a sunny day Christine, Michelle and Barry drove up to the woolshed on the Mt Studholme Rd  a 4wd road which travels all the way to the top of Mt Studohme  transmitter Station and Cell Site.

Takitimu Mountains and the Te Araroa Trail.  (mid November)


From Winton, where Stephen lives, we spent a couple of hours shuffling cars about in order to have a vehicle at either end of our trip. Then it was away tramping up to Aparima Hut, where we deposited some food, and then a few more hours up to the Aparima Biv further up the Valley where we stayed the night.

Paradise Valley

 14/15th December

Christine, Robert, Catherine, Colin and Judy departed from Timaru at 7am.   With partly cloudy skies but nice calm day to start out the forecast was for rain to come.  After a scenic 3 hour drive into Lake Ohau and following the Hopkins valley we were able to drive within a 20 minute walk of Memorial Hut . This gave us a great head start on which could have been a much longer walk.  The walk up the Hopkins valley was very pleasant, sunny and warm.

Mt Sommers 1.jpg

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