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Trip Reports 2018

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Dry Acheron                                                                                      16 April 2016

The forecast was great and 9 keen walkers departed for a good day out.

The Dry Acheron is a normally dry river but this trip we knew we were going to have wet feet.

After a short walk up a shelter belt we were grateful to finally arrive in the sun. We followed the Acheron River which is a small river about 2m wide, and enters some narrow gorges.

Dry Acheron 1.JPG

Taipo                                                                                               Easter 30 March – 2 April 2018

Five members, Wayne, Wayne, Christine, Catherine and Ralph set out after work on Thursday 29th departure from Timaru at 5.30pm driving to Rata Lodge Backpackers at Otira. We took 2 cars which meant a car drop off early on Friday morning. Otira was a good half way point for this plan and it was certainly a welcoming and pleasant evening spent to start the trip.

Otamatakou  Scenic Reserve                                                         Saturday 19 May  

Departing at 7am from Timaru, Christine, Catherine, Christine, Lindsay, Neville and Barry set out for a day’s walk. We arrived at the start which is on SH 83 next to the Glenburn Camping Ground on Lake Benmore (Ahuriri Arm). Following a poled easement through farmland for approx. 5km, easy walking till we reached the reserve. There was lots of briar bushes covered with rossip berries which today with the fine weather, green farmland dotted with the odd mob of cattle made for great colour and pleasant scenery.

Mt Edwards                                                                                          Saturday 24th February   

It was an early start leaving town at 7am with around and hour drive. Wayne had arranged with the land owners that we drive through to a spot in between the two ridges that lead to the Mt Edward summit. There had been a good dump of snow in the week leading up to this weekend and we were to be walking in fresh snow. The weather for the day was perfect, clear blue sky a few white fluffy clouds, and no wind. With an 8am start we set off up the Tekapo side, once getting up on to the ridge views of Lake Tekapo, Mt Cook and as we gained height, Lake Benmore in the other direction……

Mt Edward3.JPG

Mt Nimrod Summit                                                                                              3 March 2018

It is a long, long way to the summit of Mt Nimrod!

A group of ten of us began at the Reserve carpark at 8 am, initially following the

Scenic Reserve track. Before descending to the stream on that track, a sign points the way to the Hunters Hills Easement Track which opened in November 2017.

The track passes through several newly-built gates and follows old 4WD tracks. After some time we looked down on Matata Reserve and over to hills that lie in front of the elevated crest of the Hunters Hills. Mt Nimrod summit was clearly visible for most of the way but after two hours of steady uphill plodding the summit was still a long way off!

Waiau Hut                                                                                                              1 - 4 June

This Queens Birthday Weekend trip was made possible solely because of the most generous donation by our club member, Robert Birks, for the building of a new DOC hut in the upper Waiau Valley. Robert was also willing to lead a trip to visit the new hut over this 3-day weekend.

David Mason, who now lives at Amberley, kindly accommodated the six of us who had arrived from Timaru on Friday night. It broke the journey from Timaru nicely and enabled us to begin walking by 11.15 am on Saturday.

After leaving Hanmer we encountered snow almost as soon as we began the ascent of Jacks Pass and were surprised at how much there was. It was easy to see why DOC closes all 4WD tracks in the St James Conservation Area during winter. The Maling Pass track was covered in snow, though it was soft and not too thick so walking was quite easy.